photography boudoir

Photography Boudoir

Photography Boudoir

boudoir photo of a female's behind with incredible lighting

Photography Boudoir

Do you want tasteful nude photography of your body while you still have a body to admire? If you’re a sophisticated woman, then of course, you do. This is art photography, not trash photography. Linnea Lenkus is the top Los Angeles photographer of photography boudoir. No longer is this a cheesey medium with this creative photographer at your service. She knows how to make your body look amazing and beautifully elegant.

Linnea is a lighting expert. She has a studio portrait photography business in Pasadena and Long Beach which covers the Los Angeles area for over twenty years, generally a 30 minute drive from the very edge of Los Angeles. She knows how to make you comfortable and, more importantly, stunningly gorgeous in artistic photography. Check out her blog on her main portrait website to find out more about how Linnea thinks.

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Linnea Lenkus celebrates being a photographer for over 25 years. Linnea focuses primarily on studio photography in the LA community. Positioned in Huntington Beach, CA she can easily travel all over SoCal anywhere her clients live to set up a photography studio. Linnea is respected for her skillful studio lighting methods, the classic mood of her poses and for distinctive nude art. Most people think of it as boudoir photos, but Linnea’s photos are more like fine art nudes that could hang in a fine art gallery. Give her a call today at (213) 910-9082.