fine art nude photography

Fine Art Nude Photography Los Angeles

fine art nude photography 

Fine Art Nude Photography

Most people call it boudoir photography, but we call it fine art nude photography because Linnea treats your body as art. Boudoir photography has a connotation of pinup, which is fine, but can be less tasteful. Linnea’s art is about form and beauty. Her boudoir sessions are private. Linnea is a very personable photographer so if you’re having the jitters about having a boudoir photography session, you will be easily relaxed by Linnea’s casual demeanor.

Linnea’s goal in creating a fine art nude for you is to create something beautiful and classically sophisticated. Most women leave the studio feeling empowered and amazed at the kind of artwork she creates of their bodies. There’s almost a sort of zen feeling that happens to them. We know that you’ll feel the same way.

Linnea has two Los Angeles portrait studios, a Pasadena professional photography studio, and a Long Beach professional photography studio.  Give us a call at (626) 744-9104 Pasadena boudoir photography studio or (562) 981-8900 Long Beach boudoir photography studio or use the contact form to contact us after business hours and we will get back to you as soon as we return.

Our Los Angeles portrait studios work by appointment only. Please call us to make an appointment to commission your fine art nude portrait session with Linnea who is truly the best boudoir photographer in Los Angeles.

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