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This is the copyright information for all the content of Linnea Lenkus Fine Art Nude Portraits website. All the content, photos and text in this website are copyright Linnea Lenkus. All rights are reserved by the photographer and Linnea Lenkus Studio, Inc. Any usage of the images in this website are forbidden without written approval. If you are blogging and sharing then the images must be linked back to the this website with this linked text:  Nude Photography by Linnea Lenkus, photographer Los Angeles

No copying of Linnea’s nude photography is allowed. We’ve seen many so-called photographers copy Linnea’s work over the years and that is not only uncool to Linnea, but illegal because this work is copyrighted. It also is a great disservice to your clients to not use your creative mind and talent to promote that you know what you’re doing. So don’t copy. Admire. Praise. Work on your own talents. Your talents will never be honed if you are attempting to copy the nude photography you see on this website. Creativity is developed over time. A great photographer looks at what is in front of her and sees something inspiring. They don’t check Pinterest. They don’t check other photographers. They talk to their clients and are moved to create and interpret what they see.


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Los Angeles Photographer Creates Nude Photography

Los Angeles Photographer Creates Nude Photography











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