Boudoir Photography Los Angeles

Archival Fiber Prints Printed in-House

Boudoir Photography Los Angeles

Your privacy is very important to us. And the quality of our photography paper is also a large issue for all photographers.

That is why we print in-house with a marvelous artisan who prints on a stunning paper called Lush that seems to sparkle. It’s a fiber based archival paper that will last for over 100 years and probably over 200 years. Most photographers use plastic paper that in comparison to our Lush paper seems dull, but they also have acid in them which makes them degrade over time. Our archival fiber paper is acid free so it will stand the test of time. Have your Lush prints boxed in our archival matboards in our custom leather memory box for an even more impressive effect and further protection.

You privacy is so very important to us. Linnea has photographed many important women in the community and so her priority is to protect their identities. The images you see on our website have either no faces, or altered faces so that no identities will be established. We feel by printing in-house we will avoid all the possible places that your images could end up. We have your best interests in mind.

If you want beautiful archival prints and the security of knowing that you are protected, the give the best boudoir photographer in Los Angeles a call.

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boudoir photography LA

Boudoir Photography

The Most Amazing Boudoir Photography

boudoir photography LAWell, maybe. But Linnea does have quite the knack for sophisticated boudoir photography. This is not boudoir photography with obvious sexual tones. It’s more about beauty and sensuality, and respect. There’s just way too much boudoir photography out there that speaks to lust. If you’re a woman who has self-respect and an eye for art, then Linnea is your boudoir photographer.

Linnea has two photo studios in Los Angeles, a Pasadena photo portrait studio, and a Long Beach photo portrait studio. When you need an incredible portrait photographer to create the absolutely best portrait photographs for you or your family then give us a call (562) 981-8900 Long Beach photo portrait studio or on evenings or weekends contact the photo portrait studio by email and we will call you as soon as we can.

Our photo studios in Los Angeles work by appointment only. Please call us to make an appointment to commission your portrait photographs session with Linnea who is truly the best portrait photographer that you will encounter.

Read how she thinks on her photo blog to understand how Linnea thinks.

Click here to see more amazing portrait photographs or to check out the portrait photographer video or navigate back to the home page to see more of Linnea’s other fine photography .

photography boudoir

Photography Boudoir

Photography Boudoir

boudoir photo of a female's behind with incredible lighting

Photography Boudoir

Do you want tasteful nude photography of your body while you still have a body to admire? If you’re a sophisticated woman, then of course, you do. This is art photography, not trash photography. Linnea Lenkus is the top Los Angeles photographer of photography boudoir. No longer is this a cheesey medium with this creative photographer at your service. She knows how to make your body look amazing and beautifully elegant.

Linnea is a lighting expert. She has a studio portrait photography business in Pasadena and Long Beach which covers the Los Angeles area for over twenty years, generally a 30 minute drive from the very edge of Los Angeles. She knows how to make you comfortable and, more importantly, stunningly gorgeous in artistic photography. Check out her blog on her main portrait website to find out more about how Linnea thinks.

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Erotic Nude Photography

erotic nude photography

Erotic Nude Photography by Los Angeles Photographer Linnea Lenkus

Fine art photographer Linnea Lenkus creates beautiful and erotic nude photography that is tasteful yet thrilling! If you like this image you will love this fine art nude image on a black backdrop.
Linnea has been a fine art photographer for over twenty years. She has a sophisticated eye and produces the finest nude photography for discerning clients. There’s a stillness and a beauty that most photographers in Los Angeles miss. She is quite adept at making the most skittish clients feel comfortable and then she adeptly uses light, cropping and mood to create exceptional boudoir photography of you that exceeds your expectations.


Boudoir Photographer

Linnea Lenkus is the best boudoir photographer in Los Angeles.

boudoir photos Los Angeles photographer

Boudoir Photographer Los Angeles

As a boudoir photographer in Los Angeles, when Linnea creates nude photography for you she focuses on your assets creating incredible boudoir photos. Every woman has parts that they or their partner love and Linnea makes sure to create stunning professional photography of those parts of you that are beautiful. Now many women say that they don’t like this or don’t like that about themselves, but Linnea has a vast experience of being a boudoir photographer of all sorts of females with challenging parts. She’s a lighting expert who uses shadow or composition to hide those flaws, using the artistic process to shape the beauty of your body onto a photograph. And she’ll tell you when you’re being crazy in a humorous way, because she’s funny and easygoing. She knows because she too is a woman who can easily blow her flaws out of proportion. A photography session with her is freeing. Still, when all else fails, we have a wonderful female retoucher who will retouch you in a way that’s natural and authentic. Our retoucher has slimmed bodies, removed cellulite, scars, blemishes, and smoothed skin. She’s an expert.

If you like this picture, you will love this  fine art nude image on a black backdrop!

Los Angeles photographer studio photography

Call this Los Angeles photographer today and let your body be art.

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fine art nude photography

Fine Art Nude Photography Los Angeles

fine art nude photography 

Fine Art Nude Photography

Most people call it boudoir photography, but we call it fine art nude photography because Linnea treats your body as art. Boudoir photography has a connotation of pinup, which is fine, but can be less tasteful. Linnea’s art is about form and beauty. Her boudoir sessions are private. Linnea is a very personable photographer so if you’re having the jitters about having a boudoir photography session, you will be easily relaxed by Linnea’s casual demeanor.

Linnea’s goal in creating a fine art nude for you is to create something beautiful and classically sophisticated. Most women leave the studio feeling empowered and amazed at the kind of artwork she creates of their bodies. There’s almost a sort of zen feeling that happens to them. We know that you’ll feel the same way.

Linnea has two Los Angeles portrait studios, a Pasadena professional photography studio, and a Long Beach professional photography studio.  Give us a call at (626) 744-9104 Pasadena boudoir photography studio or (562) 981-8900 Long Beach boudoir photography studio or use the contact form to contact us after business hours and we will get back to you as soon as we return.

Our Los Angeles portrait studios work by appointment only. Please call us to make an appointment to commission your fine art nude portrait session with Linnea who is truly the best boudoir photographer in Los Angeles.

Click here to read her photo blog to keep up with what’s happening at our studios.


boudoir photography in black and white

Fine Art Boudoir Photography

Fine Art Boudoir Photography

Is this boudoir photography or fine art photography by this Los Angeles photographer?

Fine Art Boudoir Photography

“I’ve cringed for years when people have used that term, boudoir photographer,” says Linnea Lenkus. “I just feel that the typical arched back and Victoria Secrets wannabe photography is, frankly, insulting to most women. Do they celebrate a woman’s body? Are they respectful? Are they artistic? Usually not. Usually most boudoir photos are trashy. There, I said it. That’s why I prefer not to use the term boudoir portraits, but instead say that I create fine art nude photography.” So, essentially boudoir fine art photography female portraits. The artistic nude portrait that Linnea Lenkus will create for you will be sophisticated and tasteful enough to hang on your wall and that you will be proud to show. She relies heavily on shadow and artistic poses that adds to the elegance of her fine artistic nude photography.

What are people saying about Linnea Lenkus and her Fine Art Boudoir Photography?

“Had an amazing experience doing a nude portrait session with Linnea – she made me feel incredibly comfortable, and the resulting images are something that I am thrilled to have and look back on years from now.  Linnea truly creates amazing pieces of artwork, not just a “picture” — things that will be beautiful for a lifetime. 

She has my highest recommendation, with absolutely zero reservations.  I look forward to working with her throughout my life.” -A.S

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female nude photography

Female Nude Photography Los Angeles

female nude photography


Female Nude Photography Los Angeles


Linnea Lenkus creates the finest female nude photography in Los Angeles. She not only has incredible talent to turn your body into beautiful art, but she is very easygoing and fun to hang out with. Her ability to see the best points of your body, to light it well and to make compelling art make her the boudoir photographer in Los Angeles. Most clients prefer full nudes as opposed to lingerie, but she can do both. Most women walk out of one of her boudoir photo sessions completely exhilarated and thrilled. It’s a freeing experience. Plus, you have the second step of the process and that is to return and pick out the best. For most women, that’s a tough job. However, we have the best female designers to help you decide and review cropping and retouching.

Retouching is something that we do in our photography studios to smooth out skin, cellulite, scars, wrinkles and bulges. We want you to look like yourself, but remove the little things that will distract you fro your true beauty. So give us a call for the best boudoir photography in Los Angeles. We have two private photo studios in Los Angeles.

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You will not regret it.