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Boudoir Photography

It can be very intimidating to hire a boudoir photographer. But, rest assured, Linnea does not actually do boudoir photography per se. She actually creates beautiful nude art, something that you would see hang in a gallery, as many of Linnea’s nude art pieces do. So not only is her photographic eye sophisticated and respectful of a woman’s body, so is her personality. Linnea is interested in creating provocative and sensual photography, not trashy and trendy. Are you sure you want boudoir photography?


Linnea’s experience and down-to-earth nature will put you at ease immediately. She’s open, honest and not judgmental. Having photographed hundreds of women nude, she’s very respectful and easy to talk to. Your session is entirely private unless of course you would like to bring your significant other (which can be a treat).


Initially we recommend that you start the session with clothes on and then segue into a flowing fabric and then eventually fully nude. Linnea will talk with you about your comfort level and she’ll give you her expert advice as to how avoid those flaws that many woman feel they have. Linnea’s interested in creating beautiful nude art so she’ll guide you and direct you to a variety of poses that will make your body look beautiful and the art look classic.


Whether you are creating art for yourself or a loved one, you will end your photography session feeling liberated!


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